Manufacturer: Container Concepts

Description: Container Concepts is a modular business solutions provider based in Santa Barbara, California. They design and create retail, food service, utility business, and events using container vans as their material. Each concept can be fitted with custom lighting, kitchen equipment, AV displays, and digital menus among others. Brand logos are strategically filled through fabrication.

The company believes in sustainable development, hence their use of recycled containers for every project. This modular concept can be placed in “Brown Space” areas such as old gas stations to give it a new lease on life. Container concepts like these can be transported anywhere in the world using its traditional transit option, which is shipping. The company uses a design-build pricing structure which gives their clients control over the final cost of a custom-build project.

Here are some of what Container Concepts has to offer:

  • Container Cafe™ 40ft
  • Custom Container Cafe
  • Container Bar™ in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft
  • Custom Container Bar
  • Container Wine Bar™ in 10ft and 20ft
  • Container Beer Bar™ in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft
  • Container Juice Bar™ in 10ft and 20ft
  • Container Coffee Bar™ in 10ft and 20ft
  • Retail Container™ in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft
  • Custom Retail Container
  • Container Kiosk™ (various sizes)
  • Container Event Space (various sizes)
  • GRO Box™ in 20ft and 40ft
  • Custom Box(es)


Past Customers:

Passport Pizza:

“Interesting concept with the container, how they can build it out…another option from a food truck…It’s clean and a lot of space to work in…it’s wider than a food truck/trailer…”

Michael Biscoff,
President – Passport Pizza

Fired Pie:

“Wonderful!…Dinner out of a Box! Very innovative, love the concept…definitly something different.”

Fred Morgan
CEO – Fired Pizza


836 Anacapa Street #1252,
Santa Barbara,CA

Phone: 805-252-2701



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