Manufacturer: CMC Espresso

Description: CMC Espresso is a family owned and operated business based in Ocean Shores, WA. The company has helped hundreds of startups in setting up their food service business other than operating some of their own. With over 18 years of experience, CMC Espresso has produced a vast line of Espresso carts as well as other foodservice equipment in all shapes and sizes. Having been in the industry for a considerable time has given them valuable experience which they share with their clients.

The company can help design and build your ideal cart or kiosk in virtually any design you require. Their expert team of interior designers can give you that unique that will surely stand out from the rest. Whether it’s a portable kiosk or a stationary one, CMC Espresso will build it whatever your requirement is.

With the changing demands and requirements in the industry today, CMC Espresso offers modularly constructed kiosks for easy relocation when needed. Modular kiosks can be moved depending on the changes in the flow of consumer traffic and location lease changes. They also fabricate multi-cart portable kiosks made of two or more steel framed carts. All kiosks have casters that swivel which eases movement wherever the location is.

Past Customers:


2551 E. McAndrews Rd.
Medford, Oregon

Phone: 888-584-8881



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