Cart-King International Food & Beverage Kiosk Builder Reviews

Manufacturer: Cart-King International

Description: Cart-King International is a supplier of kiosks and mobile vending carts with offices in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. They specialize in retail kiosks as well as beverage and food concession vending carts. The company was founded in January of 1998 with the aim of proving top quality food carts and mall kiosks to its customers.

The company can help increase your brand’s presence and visibility at competitive prices. One of the core elements in their building process is to ensure your custom-made food kiosk is based on your concept and ideas. The company uses the CAD system, graphics, and 3D rendering application to design your one of a kind mall kiosk. They typically use wood for indoor kiosks and aluminum for outdoor carts. They also make sure that the design meets you and the mall’s specific requirements.

Cart-King International core strengths are their specialty retail application and retail merchandising. The company offers one of the most competitive pricing in the industry as well as next day shipping of the carts. Other than supplying carts in shopping malls, they also supply these kiosks in public markets and resorts among others. Some of their notable works include Tweedles mini donuts in Cincinnati and The Coffee Shack coffee carts.

Past Customers:

Tweedles donuts: Cart-King International helped this company bring their grab and go treats into food carts and concession trailers. The branding can easily be seen on the top of the custom-built food cart along with all the products they offer.

The Coffee Shack: As one of their specialty beverage kiosk, The Coffee Shack’s branding can also be seen around its cart. Its products are easily visible via its see-through display in the front.


Surrey, British Columbia

Phone: 1-877-986-7771




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