Manufacturer: Capital Kiosk

Description: Capital Kiosk is a family run company which specializes in fabricating custom-made integrated kiosks and free-standing kiosks. Given the company’s location at the center of UK in Coventry, it can easily supply to any part of the country. Capital Kiosk offers a wide variety of custom-built kiosks which can meet any specification. Their most popular projects include flower kiosks, information kiosks, and coffee kiosks.

Capital Kiosks offers full kiosks fabrication from design to the actual build. They welcome other designers and planners in case you prefer to hire one of your own. The company can work with your preferred planners in developing the kiosks as well as meeting budget requirements. On the company’s end, each project is manufactured with a dedicated build plan in mind. The company also produces portable buildings and unique kiosks suitable for car parks, food & beverage, ticketing service, and information among others.

The company is aware that most kiosks are prone to wear and tear as well as an invitation for vandalism. With this in mind, they make sure that all builds are of the highest quality which can stand the test of time. The framing is usually made of high-grade steel while the internal and external components are made of hard-wearing materials to ensure durability. Capital Kiosks can build the highest quality fabrication suited for any purpose of your business.

Past Customers:

Metropolitan Police:

“Capital Kiosk Company delivered a very challenging project for us within budget and design brief, this was opened by the Commissioner Sir Ian Blair some 3 years ago. This project had a large number of partners, who Scott and his team kept fully up to date throughout the build stage.

The kiosk still looks as good as it did on the first day, being in the heart of London and with 24 / 7 use it has certainly shown the quality of the product they produce.”

John Dale
Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police

Proun Architects:

“The exacting standards set by the Metropolitan Police for the creation of a new mini- police station and the high standards expected by the local authority due to its location in Piccadilly Circus, adjacent to listed buildings, required the involvement of a special company on the fabrication and development of a unique design.

Capital Kiosk’s knowledge of prefabricated units, commitment, skill, and quality of work blended together in the development and implementation of this project, all within budget and on time meeting the standards required.”

Peter Jenkins
Proun Architects, London


Maguire Industrial Estate
219 Torrington Avenue

Phone: 02476 471666



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