Manufacturer: Cambro Manufacturing

Description: Cambro Manufacturing started in the humblest of beginnings. Established in 1951 by brothers William and Argyle Campbell, the company started manufacturing quality hospital meal trays. Their aim was to revolutionize the food service industry by producing food trays out of carbon fiber. Sixty-seven years later, it is one of the largest companies in the global foodservice industry. Cambro’s growth has been fueled by product expansion and the global customer demand for its products. The company manufactures almost everything in the food service industry, from insulated food transports to vending carts.

The company’s continuous vision to create innovative products ensures you’ll get the best from their products and service. They are a full-service company which can help you from conceptualization to implementation of your desired project. Impossible seems to be a non-existent word in the company as they believe in the philosophy, “Why not try it?”. The company surrounds themselves with people who not only share their vision but also believes in supporting Cambro’s future growth. The company has production facilities not only in the U.S., but also in Europe, the Middle East, and in Asia.

Cambro can turn your vision into reality wherever you are in the world. From healthcare to hotels, restaurant chains to malls, Cambro can help build your foodservice needs according to your requirements.

Here are some of Cambro Manufacturing’s products:

  • Trays
  • Food/Salad bars
  • Shelving
  • Vending Carts
  • Beverage bars
  • Food storage
  • Insulated food transports
  • Food pans/lids
  • Pizza bags
  • Pan carriers
  • Food transporters
  • Display covers
  • Condiment Jars

Past Customers:

Bubba Sweets: Cambro manufactured custom food storages for this company. Custom display covers accentuate their sweet treats which made it more attractive. Bubba Sweets won the Cupcake Wars on Food Network in 2014 among other awards the company continues to receive.

Green2Go Restaurant: Green2Go is an organic cafe, bar, and bakery based in Brea, CA. Cambro was able to help this company by providing them with pans and seal covers to prolong the freshness of their greens and guacamoles.


5801 Skylab Road
Huntington Beach, CA

Phone: (800) 833-3003



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