Ready to sell your food truck? List your mobile food unit at free of charge and retain 100% of the profits. Other brokers take a fee between 5% – 10% of the sale or require payment for listings. Complete the form below and your listing will be reviewed within 48 hours. A confirmation email will be sent upon review of your listing.

Tips for Getting Listed 

  • Read our Listing Submission Tips / Training
  • Include Photos of Your Vehicle – The more information and more detailed description you provide the more likely your truck listing will be approved.
  • Write a detailed descriptions of your truck / trailer. Put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes. Explain the details that you would would want to know.
  • Watch our video tutorial below for a walk-through of the submission process.
  • We require a flat-fee payment of $10.00 to list your unit. For many years we offered free listing services, but too many bad guys were submitting fake listings. We found that a small charge prevents almost 100% of bad listings from being submitted and protects our readers. You will not be billed until your listing is reviewed and approved.

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