Price: $24,000

Condition: Used

For sale is a Homemade food concession trailer which was built in 2000. The unit is tri-county permitted and is ready to go. The trailer has the following dimensions and equipment included in the sale:

Dimensions / Equipment:
– 2000 built homemade food trailer measuring 20′ long x 12′ tall
– All gas/water/electric cables and hoses ready to use.
– Auto-close serve window
– Wood Floor
– Superior Hood Smoke/Air Extractor
– Three (3) Food Warmers (1 Medium, 1 Large, 1 Extra Large)
– Two (2) Newair Fridges
– 4 Slice toaster
– Air conditioner
– Air Fryer
– Avantco Double Deep Fryer (3,500 BTU)
– Broom/Dustpan/Swiffer
– Cash Register
– Deco Chef Ice Maker
– Double Stovetop
– Electric Grill/Griddle
– Fire extinguisher
– Gas tank (2 x 15 lbs)
– Heater
– Industrial Aimores Blenders (2 units [Red])
– Kenmore Commercial Chest Freezer (7 cubic feet)
– Open Sign
– Patio Set
– Ramp
– Two (2) stools
– Water Pump

Power Supply / Electrical:
– Predator Plant Generator (8,750 Watts) [Gas/Oil/Battery]
– Digital menu electric frame
– Electric Extension (25 Feet)
– Electric plugin connector between car and food truck. [Turn Signals/Stop]
– Electric Water Heater (3,000 BTU)
– Over 25 electric plug-ins throughout truck (inside and outside)

Capacity / Capability:
– 3 Sink Compartment (Cold/Hot Water)
– Hand Wash Sink
– Clean water storage (6 Gallons)
– Clean water tank
– Water waste tank (15 Gallons)
– Napkin Dispenser
– Trashcan
– Trash bag dispenser

– Aluminum Foil (500 feet)
– Brown Paper Bags (500 units)
– Cleaning Supplies
– Coffee Cups with Lid (52 units 12oz)
– Disposable forks and spoons
– Food (Non-Perishable)
– Over 100 soft drinks
– Plastic “Thank You” Bags (1000 units)
– Plastic Gloves / Hairnets
– Plastic Wrap (500 feet)
– Plates (650 Small Appetizer)
– Smoothie Cup with Dome Lid (16oz and 20oz)
– Soup Bowl (300 units 12oz)
– Straws

Interested parties may call 7204124649 or email [email protected] for more information on the trailer.

Important: Never pay send or wire payments to any individuals without viewing the unit in person first. No legitimate seller will ask you to make a down payment to “hold on” to a unit before purchasing it. If any seller listed on this website reaches out to you requesting a payment or wire transfer in advance of your seeing the vehicle, please email [email protected] to report these individuals.

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  • Other : AC Unit
  • Operations : Exhaust Fans, Generator, Propane
  • Health & Sanitation : 3 Compartment Sink, Hand Wash Sink
  • Storage : Freezer, Fridge, Cabinets
  • Cooking Equipment : Burner Stove, Griddle
  • Permits : Tri- County