2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR
2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR
2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR
2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR
2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR
2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR
2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR
2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR
2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR
2 Turnkey Food Carts with Essential Business in Portland, OR

Price: $100,000 (2 Food carts)

Condition: Used

2 Turnkey Food Carts for Sale – Essential business – Money maker – Ready to go.
Best option is to remain on this lot… great opportunity and highly sought after Food Cart Lot
$100k sale price – 1 year ROI is probable with proper management, 2 year ROI most definitely
Popular location/high traffic lot
600+ likes on FaceBook page for existing open cart (transferable to buyer)

Please email your questions, name, phone number and email in first contact
LOWBALL OFFERS WILL BE IGNORED – This is a profitable business – Legitimate offers with explanation will be considered

Intended to be Sold together with the warehouse (lots of space) and 2 carts to be kept on the lot (willing to sell separately with the right offer). If you intend to leave the lot it is your responsibility to coordinate with the lot manager/owner. Sold on site/at site.
All food changes and new menus MUST be approved by lot manager/owner so inter-cart duplications don’t occur

***Get your County Health Permit to open immediately and start making money – both carts are approved for 2020***

Make money immediately with takeout and walk up
• High traffic lot = great profits ($200k gross (100k+ gross potential per cart) more with proper advertising)
• Stable rent which includes electricity, water, removal of grey water / trash / recycling and bathroom on site.
(lower than average food pod rent)
• Located in great community on busy street/great food lot
• Current FACEBOOK page for existing open cart has 600+ followers and is transferable to new buyer

LOT IMPROVEMENTS for 2020: (to be added/improved by lot owner)
• Adding 100 all-weather seating to already beautiful 200+ outdoor seating
• Restroom renovation/upgrade
• Beer Porch renovation and improvement – This will improve visibility of the 2 carts which will increase sales greatly by opening frontal view fully.
• Grease trap / grey-water removal upgraded onsite (finished) so no on-cart grease trap required.
• Food Pod website with details about food cuisine, hours and link to each food cart on site and their order page.

Covered Private Space – Both carts are side-by-side with wonderful cozy covered semi-private space with wood deck and very private gated rear walkway to take breaks, away from public, on busy days.

Full Security System currently installed but separately negotiated but available to remain – most secure carts on lot.

CART #1: ($45k) –
Current Menu: Serving Cheesesteaks, Burgers, Grilled Cheese & Soups (Menu included with training)
Super secure Metal Trailer – Double rear doors, side access door, service awning with service window inside
Class IV – Open for 1 year (previous owner open for 6 years)

***Great profits current and past owners***
Profitable cart open since May 4, 2019 has sold over 2,300 Cheesesteaks, 1,300 Burger patties (1/4 & 1/2 lb), 1,500+ Grilled Cheese, 940 soups in 10 months with minimal advertising, limited hours, no delivery, and limited starting customer base. These numbers should increase by 100% or more with increased advertising, longer hours and the inherited customer base from our existing business.

– New Electrical. Upgraded and grounded.
– Electric 30” Flattop griddle,
– Propane 2 burner,
– Steam table (12”x20” – easily divisible and great for soups),
– 30 lb Ice maker
– 48” Sandwich prep with refrigerator bottom
– Hand wash sink
– 3-Sink setup (piped for 2 sinks to meet inspection needs easily converted by plumber)

– Hobart LXiC commercial low temperature dishwasher (extremely handy),
– 4-shelf NSF Wire rack
– 2 Grease fans with lights
– 3 Stainless steel tables/stands
– 3 Shelf small wire rack
– Cash register and iPad square stand system
– Excellent lighting
– Microwave
– Convection oven (half sheet size)

CART #2: ($55k) – larger of 2
– New Build – inspected and approved as Class IV – ready to open.
– 8ft x 20ft pitched roof new build
– 7ft interior ceiling
– New asphalt roof
– New Flooring and food grade walls

Originally intended to be a Star Wars themed cart with an approved menu: Burgers, Flats (savory quesadillas), fries, wraps, deep fried goodies, etc. Approved to open on lot by owner.
Recommended to use this model/theme for cart for huge sales and a happy community.

NEW Electrical outlets purpose installed for food cart usage and convenience.
Extra plugs and in the right locations. Expandable if needed.
Plenty of outlets. Light switches for outdoor lights and interior lights.
Secure door (with hinge locks, door handle, Bolt and hasp puck lock) and secure Service window.

– 10ft Exhaust hood, new filters (washable in dishwasher).
– 4ft – 3/4 HP updraft exhaust fan with amazing smoke and grease evacuation… high CFM for great ventilation and lots of air movement
– 45 gallon Fresh water tank (18 x 14 x 41.5)
– 76 gallon Grey water (2) tanks (2 – 20 x 55 x 8 mounted under cart – connected, on/off switch and grey water pump)
– 3-Sink station with 2 wing side drain boards

– ***Hobart LXiH high temperature dishwasher (rare but super handy for a busy cart)
– 24” Flattop griddle (propane),
– 24” Griddle / 2 burner stovetop over Full Oven (propane),
– 2 basket Fryers (propane)
– 1 open Propane port for adding new equipment later (4 ports total)
– 4ft Worktop freezer
– 4ft Sandwich prep with refrigerator
– Commercial reach-in 1 door Refrigerator
– 5ft Stainless steel table
– Eccotemp 4.0 GPM! 80,000 BTU On-demand Tankless water heater (plenty of hot water!)
– 3’ x 5’ NSH wire rack

Comes with plenty of metal shelves ready for you to install specific to your needs.
Small wares included. Full set to get you up and running immediately for big sales.
5ft sliding Service/Order window
Covered outdoor step-up ordering porch for customers. 5ft+ wide.

WAREHOUSES: 2 connected and licensed as 1
(Included with purchase of both carts – price negotiable for individual cart purchase)
Warehouse is 3 sections.

– Full security door entrance to small office space
– 30-person first-aid kit, work shelf, storage 4 shelf unit, coat hooks and access to 2 separate warehouses.
– LED Light Fixture (pull string)
– Plenty of power in all warehouses. Served by 2 separate pigtail fuse box units (legal and to code) with 30W(1 plug with 30w to 20W conversion cable) and 20W(2 plugs) and 50W(1 plug fully servicing cart power supply).

Warehouse #1: (larger section):
– Solid door double locked. All wood solid construction with 1yr new subfloor, sub roof and asphalt roofing.
– Commercial reach-in 1 door Refrigerator
– 5ft Refrigerator
– 2 Chest freezers
– 1 Refrigerator/freezer mid-size unit
– 2 NSF wire racks
– LED Light Fixture (pull string)

Warehouse #2: (Smaller section):
– Lots of storage rack space…more than needed for current operations
– Solid door with hasp puck lock on outside entrance
– Outside door used for bread delivery and access to small wares and kitchen tools
– 2 NSF wire racks. Great for small ware and dry storage
– Power strip
– LED Light Fixture (pull string).

Interested parties may call 9712771927 or email [email protected] for more information on the food carts and warehouses.

Important: Never pay send or wire payments to any individuals without viewing the unit in person first. No legitimate seller will ask you to make a down payment to “hold on” to a unit before purchasing it. If any seller listed on this website reaches out to you requesting a payment or wire transfer in advance of your seeing the vehicle, please email [email protected] to report these individuals.

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  • Storage: Fridge, Cold Well Holding
  • Cooking Equipment: Burner Stove, Griddle
  • Permits: both carts are approved for 2020
  • Height: 7'
  • Length: 15'
  • Fuel Type: Does Not Apply
  • Mileage of Vehicle: n/a
  • Model of Vehicle: Shuttle
  • Make of Vehicle: Charmac
  • Year of Vehicle: 2000
  • Other: POS System
  • Operations: Exhaust Fans, Propane
  • Health & Sanitation: 3 Compartment Sink, Hand Wash Sink, Soap Dispenser
7316 N Lombard St. Portland,Oregon