simmer milwaukeeWant to dramatically increase the number of tips you get during a lunch service? How about serving food faster while making customers happier? Would you like the ability to quickly refer back to your most profitable events from the last 12 months? Surprisingly, the decision of the POS system you use for your food truck or restaurant can have serious implications on all of these areas. That makes the POS system you plan to use at the beginning of your business critical.

In part two of our interview with Steve and Jennifer of Simmer Milwaukee, we explore why they decided to make the switch to ShopKeep for their growing food business.

As we learned in the first interview, Simmer Milwaukee has a growing portfolio of food businesses: a food truck, multiple restaurants, and also have soups available in local grocery stores. As a result, Simmer Milwaukee needs solution for handling sales completed in multiple locations. But the decision for choosing ShopKeep went far beyond accepting payments.

The tipping point for Simmer Milwaukee was that the software also be used as a virtual back office for inventory control and to track sales on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They even have the ability to go deeper than just historical daily revenue numbers, but can also identify and compare the different menu items that happen to be selling the best at different times of the year or vending locations. So for example, you could do a head-to-head comparison of turkey sandwich sales versus ham sandwiches versus tomato soup to determine your best seller. This ability can be extremely powerful for both determining how much inventory you may need and also makes testing the profitability of new menu items quick and easy.

There are also key benefits that customers have found helpful. Such as the ability to print out receipts, use multiple forms of payment methods, and also keep orders straight on the truck. This is a full-blown POS with so much more than just the ability to accept a payment.  Also, there is a “tip screen” included within the system. As a result, credit card tips are up dramatically over the past year.

Simmer Milwaukee

What You’ll Learn

  • Why it’s nearly impossible and way too much work to manage a growing food business without a modern POS system.
  • How ShopKeep can improve accountability among vendors that are required to do a revenue split with venue operators.
  • Learn how you can print or screen share sales data easier.
  • How to acquire the ability to check food truck revenue on an hourly basis even if you aren’t psychically located at the vending location.
  • How you can compare current revenue numbers versus previous years.
  • The importance of not needing to rely on memory or books to keep tabs on sales numbers
  • How Simmer Milwaukee got accepted into SummerFest, the World’s Largest Music Festival

Mentioned in the Show

Simmer Milwaukee – Today’s guests on the show. Check out their official website to stay up-to-date on the location of the food truck or to book a yummy catering event. Listen to part one of the interview here if you missed it.

ShopKeep Like what you heard about ShopKeep POS during the interview? Why not give them a try and claim $200 in free bonuses while you’re at it!

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