linda-luncheonetteWelcome to episode #3 of the Food Truck Empire (FTE) Podcast. In this FTE exclusive, Linda Jo Kushner of Linda’s Luncheonette shares how she secured a $20,265 investment for a food truck using

For those unfamiliar with the website, is a crowdsourcing website that allows users to vote with their pocket books on creative projects they feel could be worthwhile or personally connect with. Funding for numerous food trucks have already been raised through KickStarter along with thousands of other eclectic projects from comic to cook books.

If you’re struggling to find cash for your dream food cart, you don’t want to miss this episode. Also, in today’s quick tip I’ll share a resource that will help you launch a successful crowdsourcing campaign.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why KickStarter is such an incredible opportunity for aspiring food cart entrepreneurs
  • How Linda Jo Kushner acquired over $20,000 in funding in less than 30 days
  • How to generate awareness for a campaign
  • Advice for launching your own crowdfunding initiative
  • The simple email strategy you can use to gain more backers.

Mentioned During the Show

Linda’s KickStarter Profile – Take a look at Linda Jo Kushner’s submission to KickStarter. This is the campaign that raised $20,265 for Linda’s truck. You can also watch Linda’s video here as well. – Keep tabs on where Linda’s food truck will be next.

Linda’s Luncheonette Facebook Page – Connect with Linda’s Luncheonette on social media.

How KickStarter Works – KickStarter’s explanation of the online crowdsourcing process.

Quick Tip:

Learn The Exact 12-Week Crowdfunding Plan Anthony Salvagno Used to Raise Money For His Food Truck


Tips and Tales for Effective Crowdfunding – Read advice from other folks that have been successful in raising capital through crowdfunding websites online.

How Do I Get Funded on KickStarter? –  Another good article with more advice on getting funded.

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