colorado standbyAt we get emails all the time from folks with all kinds of questions about starting a food truck. But one of the recurring questions I receive on a regular basis is about food truck generators.. Things like: What size of a generator do I need? What’s better: propane, gas, or diesel generators? How do I install a generator?

Today, we’re going to be diving into the FoodTruckEmpire mail bag with Brad Orgill of Colorado Standby, a company that sells and installs just about every type of generator you could imagine to help answer these frequently asked questions about this important topic. In today’s episode Brad explains the different generator options that are available as well as the unique factors that determine which option is best for you.

One key takeaway from the program is that all generators are not created equal. Older generators with a few years of wear-and-tear or lack of regular maintenance can result in lost wattage. Depending on your vehicles electricity needs this could put you out of business at the wrong time. Additionally, you want to make sure you don’t select the wrong equipment based on your business needs. Otherwise you could end up spending more money in the long run to fuel the generator. All this and more including the top brands of manufacturers and whether or not you need a box or mount is covered in this special FAQ episode of the podcast.

Example of generator built into a food truck.

Example of generator built into a food truck.

Quotes From The Show

You really need a source of power. Think of that generator as your utility and rather than having to plugin to an exterior outlet or shore power connection, you’re now taking that utility plant with you to power everything you need. – Brad Orgill describing food truck generators. 

What You’ll Learn

  • What purpose a food truck generator serves and why you’ll need this piece of equipment to power your vehicle on the go.
  • The difference between different generator options: gasoline, propane, diesel.
  • Why you need to check with your local laws and regulations prior to making a purchase of a generator.
  • Determining the correct wattage based on your needs.
  • Tips for evaluating a used generator and how to determine whether or not it’s been maintained.
  • How to reduce the noise associated with operating a generator that can result in a less than ideal customer experience.
  • What you can do to reduce the smell of running a generator on your truck and instead spotlight the food on your vehicle.

Mentioned During the Show

Colorado Standby – Today’s guest Colorado Standby has a tremendous selection of generators from top brands like Cummins, Winco, and Onin. This company can help you in selected the appropriate generator to use, has been in business since 1999, and ships product directly to the end user. Call 866-888-6111 for more information about their product and guidance on installation.

Cummins – One of the top manufacturers of generators and distributed by Colorado Standby. This company is extremely well-known and respected in the power generation industry.

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