food truck warsEpisode #2 of the Food Truck Empire Podcast is bigger, badder, and even bolder than the original. On tap in this week’s episode you’ll learn the three rookie mistakes food truck owners make when entering a food competition and how to avoid them with Liz Otts of

In today’s feature interview, Otts will demonstrate how to set yourself up for success whether you’re entering a contest or are plan to attend a large event. Otts knows a thing or two about what it takes to differentiate your mobile restaurant from the rest of the pretenders. After all, it’s not uncommon for her food truck events to attract crowds of 25,000+. Wow!

If you’re even remotely interested in attending a competition or major event this summer, you won’t want to miss this segment.

If that wasn’t reason enough to tune in this episode’s quick tip touches on the touchy subject of acquiring funding for your food truck. After all, not everyone has $50,000 – $100,00 of investment capital just laying around. Today’s tip will provide you with some actionable advice to increase your odds of securing funding from either a bank or angel investor.

Sound quality note: So admittedly, I’m still getting the hang of improving the overall recording quality of my show, especially my own voice with these episodes. Fortunately, I’ve managed to connected with one of my radio friends from back in the day who was kind enough to provide me with some advice on my sound. Over the next few episodes, expect to hear improved sound quality.   

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to prepare for a major event
  • How to play to the judges in a food competition
  • The importance of differentiating your business
  • Incentivize customers to line up to your truck

Mentions During the Show – Get all the details on Liz Ott’s event here. The next event is July 27th, in St. Augustine Florida.

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Quick Tip:

Business Plan Resource – Help writing a custom business plan. Videos and documents.

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