made-for-food-trucks-logoWhat’s the difference between a lunch truck that folks eat at out of convenience versus a food truck people will actually travel to eat at and crave… a big part of it has to do with your businesses brand. As the food truck space gets more and more competitive a strong brand can also be the advantage that differentiates you from everyone else in your city. In today’s featured interview, Nicole Lafave of offers guidance on brand building from her experience consulting with over 10 food trucks and lists out the key questions you can ask to build your own story.

Quotes from the Show

We’ll have a call to have a very organic, open conversation about who they are, what inspires them, and what their personality is like and how that ties into what their concept is.  – Nicole Lafave on the first stage of identifying a brand. 

The brand in general is super important if you’re hoping to stick around awhile. – Nicole Lafave on the importance of building a brand. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Tips for developing a brand of your own.
  • Key questions to ask when trying to figure out what your brand is.
  • Advice on coming up with a brand story: Do you want this to be drawn from a personal story or take more of a business entity approach?
  • How to determine the personality of a brand…. fun, serious, and tips on how to decide if you aren’t sure.
  • How Nicole Lafave got involved in the food truck industry by accident by helping to design an ice cream cart.
  • Why the brand of a food business should direct the design of food truck wraps, website, and other business deliverables.
  • How better brand translates to more $$$.
  • How to get a professional food truck website built at an affordable price.

falafel truck

Mentioned in the Podcast

Made For Food Trucks – The official website of today’s featured guest Nicole Lafave. Visit Nicole’s website to see how easy and affordable it can be to build and launch an attractive food truck website. There’s no coding experience needed and the service also enables you to collect email addresses… something that can be extremely valuable for a food truck entrepreneur.

Curry Up Now – This is one of the client’s that Nicole has worked with to identify their brand when they had just a single food truck in 2009. Today, Curry Up Now is a thriving food brand operating in the Bay Area with multiple food trucks and restaurant locations in San Francisco, San Mateo, Palo Alto and San Jose. – Interested in starting your own food truck? This episodes sponsor is the POS Software solution ShopKeep. Get over $200 off hardware when you visit through our website.

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