Does Your Food Truck Process $10,000 or More in Monthly Sales? 

If you do $10,000 or more in monthly revenue, we can almost always save you money over Square, ShopKeep and other payment services. 

Watch the video to see how our current customers save $700 - $1200 each month with our platform. 

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Flat-Fee Payment Processing For Your Food Truck Business

We bundle all your hardware, software, processing, mobile network costs, and support into a monthly flat rate of $250. Many of our customers save between $800 - $1200 per month. All this comes with no contracts or hidden fees. But saving you money every month is only one benefit of Food Empire POS. We also deliver a superior sales system that processes payments faster, clocks-in employees, manages inventory, and increases sales for you.  


Food trucks doing more than $10,000 in gross monthly sales almost always save money with our flat-fee solution. Do you know how much you're paying in monthly fee's right now? 


Already using a program like Square to accept payments? We'll move your sales figures, menu, and other data for you at no charge. We make the onboarding process painless.


We get offer more insights for your business. Quickly check your top selling menu items and most profitable locations over the course of a week, month, year or any custom time period you want to evaluate. 


Mobile data plan, high-powered router and extra-strength attenna is included. This ensures you stay connected at the most remote events and venues. Never lose "offline" sales again.


The cost of all the hardware, installation, and training is built into your monthly flat rate. You'll have the software and all the equipment you need to process payments fast with no additional costs or hidden fees. 


We provide unmatched service with support in the United States. We don't charge extra for initial training, setup, and support like other companies. We're here to help when you need us.

“We're paying almost a third of what we paid before. And we never lose our data, which is huge.”

Liza Barnes - Bowled & Beautiful Food Truck

Learn More About Food Empire POS

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Food Empire POS. To learn more sign up for our on-demand video training where we'll walk you through all the details. 

Question: How much does it cost?  

Answer: We have flat-rate pricing of $250 per month. This includes everything in one payment including equipment (POS terminal, router, software, tablet POS, and more), installation of all equipment, training, payment processing software, data... In short, it covers everything!

Question: Will Food Empire POS Save Me Money?

Answer: As a general rule of thumb, if you're doing over $10,000 in monthly sales you'll save money. A food truck doing $15,000 in monthly sales through Square will save more than $150 each month. Contact us through one of the forms on this page and we can figure out how much Food Empire POS will save your business every month. 

Question: What Equipment Is Included?  

Answer: We give you everything you need to accept payments fast and run your food truck more effeciently. Other providers require you to buy iPads, registers and other equipment seperately. Our platform comes standard with a Nexgo N5 All-in-One POS to accept payments, a POS stand, cash drawer, software, tablet to track orders with kitchen wall-mount to track orders in the kitchen, and a router installed in your food truck so you can accept transactions in the most remote areas. Oh yeah there are no additional fee's associated with installation for any of this. 

Question: How is Food Empire POS Better than the Alternative?  

Answer: Food Empire POS does a whole lot more than accept payments. We help manage your entire business better. Got employees? Our system allows employees to login and track time automatically. Wondering if you're low on inventory? Our platform tracks inventory levels so you know when and what to order more of. Want to see your top selling menu items or most profitable locations? You're only clicks away from this accessing this data. Transactions take too long to process and slowing your line? Food Empire POS is able to process orders faster and serve more customer due to the router installed on your truck. These are just a few benefits. Sign up for a full on-demand walkthrough. 

Question: How will my customer's get their receipt?  

Answer: Your customers have the choice to recieve their receipt by print, email, or text. All equipment comes standard with Food Empire POS to print and store reciepts. A customer profile is created for each customer to retain for your records and/or marketing purposes. 

Question: How Much Work Is It To Setup?  

Answer: We understand that changes platforms can be a pain so we make moving to Food Empire POS simple. We'll move over all your existing menu items if you use another platform like Square or ShopKeep. We offer unlimited free support to help you get up and running fast. 

Ready to take the next step? Register below to learn more about Food Empire POS with our on-demand lesson. Inside you'll learn more about the process of getting started and the benefits of enrolling for food truck vendors. 

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