8 03, 2015

1991 Grumman Step-Van Aluminum Body in Western Mass.

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1991 Grumman Step-van aluminum body is 21\’ long including platform on back, 7\’6\” wide and 11\’ high with exhaust fan. The kitchen space is 12\’x7\’ with a 4\’ service window.
5.8 liter Ford engine, 3 speed automatic transmission.
New spark plugs, wires, distributer cap, rotor and, air filter.
Oil changed and all other […]

6 06, 2014

Fixer Upper, Unbranded Catering Truck for $3,800

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This vehicle has been sold. Check out our website for active listings. 

For those of you searching for an entry level food truck that needs more than a little bit of love, check out this food truck. Nothing to hide here, this truck needs a bit of love to get up […]