Vintage 1964 Terry Coach Espresso Bar for Sale in Albuquerque

Information :

Make - NA
Year - NA
Mileage - NA
Model - NA
Fuel Type - NA
Length - NA
Height - NA
Permits - NA

Equipment and Features:

Type of Mobile Food Unit

Asking Price - $13999.00
Year of Vehicle - 1964
Make of Vehicle - Terry Coach
Model of Vehicle -
Mileage of Vehicle -
Fuel Type - Does Not Apply
Length - 16\'
Height - 8\'
Permits -
Cooking Equipment - NA
Storage - Fridge, Cabinets
Health & Sanitation - 3 Compartment Sink, Hand Wash Sink
Operations - Fire System, Generator
Other - NA


First Name - Robert
Last Name - Smith
Phone - 5756358145
  • Description

Price: $13,999

Condition: Used – (Rebuilt)

It’s a full espresso, coffee & tea bar! Built specifically for this purpose, this 16′ classic throwback wows everyone who sees it. We’ve been successful for over 2 years now and going into a storefront finally! If you want to build your business credit, this coffee trailer will provide the consistent income to pay for itself plus some. It gets really good when PayPal starts offering you small loans. Pay those back in a month and the loan offers gets bigger. We went from $1,000 loan repaid, to $3,500 loan repaid, to $15,000 loan repaid in 1 month (from 2 big festivals) AND we had money left over! Our business line of credit has also increased from $500 to $25k – just from a coffee truck! Now we are fulfilling our dream of a storefront. If you want to talk strategy, this is the asset that CAN and WILL get you there. It’s up to you to do the rest. Here in Albuquerque, our average is 200 cups sold per day on the street at $5 per cup. Imagine operating in Austin, LA or Denver?! At festivals, we sell about 3-4 times this in a day. Take the 2-day festivals and we’ve pulled in over $10k just in a weekend easy! And that’s just from cup sales, we never sold pastries. Seriously, this trailer paid for itself in the first few months.

Dimensions/Equipment list:
– Laranzato Espresso single-grouping machine
– Bunn drip coffee machine
– (2) Drip coffee pump carafes
– Cold brew keg refrigerator with spout and Nitrous Oxide gas tank setup including tank
– Tankless water heater
– Water pump
– GE dual water filter system
– Espresso grinder (the whole bean container on top broke off, so we use a makeshift metal funnel)
– 2nd refrigerator to store milks, etc.
– Heavy duty kitchen grade wall lining with strong riveting for durability
– Order window & pickup bar window
– Leaf spring suspension
– Easy hitch
– Metal ramp for loading/unloading generator onto truck or trailer
– All drink making tools: long stir spoon, medium & large milk steam pitchers, tamp, 2 large 1 small espresso cups, and espresso knock box

Power Supply:
– 30 amp, 125 watt electrical panel and system
– 7200 watt Yamaha generator

Capacity / Capability:
– 25 gallon fresh water tank
– 35 gallon grey water tank
– 3-compartment sink
– Hand washing sink
– Plenty of shelving, storage cupboards, and counter prep space
– Grey water drain portable bin (to empty when grey water gets full while at festivals – means you’re selling!)

This Vintage 1964 Terry Coach was completely gutted to the bones and rebuilt with quality kitchen grade and industrial materials so it’ll last long. The only thing that needs replacing every year or 2 is the plastic fresh water lines (which is easy to replace and cost $3/10 feet at Home Depot. You only need about 3 or 4 feet of this.) And as with any sink, you also want to keep an eye on the drain pipes, the gaskets need to be replaced every couple of years or so, which is another cheap item. No food has ever been cooked, literally just lattes and espresso, hot chocolate, teas, sodas, and drip coffee. It was built for this purpose and it has only ever made these things.
There is literally no other maintenance. Kitchen area is easy to clean up. We are usually the first vendor ready to leave and sometimes waiting if the trailer is blocked until another vendor finishes closing and gets out of the way. But that’s good, it gives you time to mingle and meet others if you want.

We will ship anywhere in the US for free. We are not trying to make money on the sale, just sell for what we got it for. We did upgrade to a really strong 7200 watt Yamaha generator, which will come with this as well. Plus, it’s fully stocked so you can start operating with syrups and flavors to get you going, over $500 worth of quality double-walled compostable to-go cups (if you want them). The jack lift was upgraded as well when we got it. That cost was absorbed from operating income. We actually have a few dozen return customers very sad that we won’t be operating this any longer at the farmers market. Email or call Robert at 5756358145 and for any questions.Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you.

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