Vinnie’s Gourmet Pretzels

Information :

Make - RC Royal Cargo
Year - NA
Mileage - O
Model - RTB 7 X 12
Fuel Type - NA
Length - 12\\\'
Height - 7.5\\\'
Permits - Health Dept. Certified

Equipment and Features:

  • Cooking Equipment
    • Pizza Oven
    • Prep Table
  • Storage
    • Cabinets
  • Health and Sanitation
    • 3 Compartment Sink
    • Hand Wash Sink

Type of Mobile Food Unit

Asking Price - $26000.00
Year of Vehicle -
Make of Vehicle -
Model of Vehicle -
Mileage of Vehicle -
Fuel Type - NA
Length -
Height -
Permits -
Cooking Equipment - NA
Storage - NA
Health & Sanitation - NA
Operations - NA
Other - NA


First Name - Tim
Last Name - Hurst
Phone - 859.466.9220
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Mobile Shop UNfranchise Information

Our price includes exclusive trademarked turnkey, mobile pretzel shop, license to use trademark name and sell exclusive gourmet pretzel products. Also includes recipe for exclusive fresh squeezed lemonade. (also second to none). Includes business advice for fast and immediate sales profits. PLUS – one complete pallet of pretzels, 42 cases with a sales value of over $8,000 to get your profits rolling quickly. That’s right! You don’t make the pretzels, WE have them made FOR you.

Essentially risk free. The asset and equity of the mobile shop and the start up pretzel products pay for the business alone. 5 year tax write off reduces income taxes considerably. (You’ll pay as little or even less than $250 to have a good tax person do your taxes each year if you don’t like doing them as we don’t either!)

NO Franchise fee’s….EVER. We’re not a franchise. We’re better! We’re working to put people TO work, on THEIR terms for THEIR profits. We don’t take
a dime from you after your purchase.

Mobile pretzel shop is fully functional and health dept. certified with 50 amp electric service, 3 bay sink plus hand washing sink, 25 gal. water tank, 30 gal. gray (dirty water tank), water hose, water heater, water pump, etc. serving window with screens and glass for winter serving. 2 pretzel ovens, one prep table made ready for prep, professional Hamilton Beach lemon squeezer, printed menu.

Multi sales advantage also includes exclusive rights to sell Vinnie’s Gourmet Pretzel products to schools, restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities.
You set your profit margin.

Vinnie’s Gourmet Pretzels has been in business for over 20 years serving the Nascar circuit in the Southeast and pro tennis tournaments in NY, New Hampshire, Cincinnati and elsewhere.
We’re branded in those markets.

Compare our mobile cost with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Mobile Shop (or any other national brand)
1. Our cost $26,000
2. Auntie Anne’s cost $155,000 ($140g for mobile trailer plus $15g for franchise fee plus 8% franchise royalty on sales FOREVER!
Compare the advantages over Auntie Anne’s (or any other national brand)
1 Low start up cost
2 Mobile
3 No high employee costs
4 Go where your customers are
5 Set your own hours. Work at your convenience
6 Not locked into 3-5 year lease
7 Simply heat and serve
8 No long prep time
9 No high franchise cost
10 almost no waste of unused pretzels or lemonade
11 No monthly franchise fee’s. Ever. Purchase Vinnie’s Gourmet Pretzels
direct, delivered direct to your location.

Our cost once again is $26,000, fully functional, mobile gourmet pretzel shop which INCLUDES $8,000 in retail pretzel inventory!
Compare the taste over Auntie Anne’s Pretzels (and just so you know, we like Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. we’re not snobs afterall!)
1. Healthier
2. Greaseless
3. Unique high quality gourmet taste unequalled by any other pretzel company
4. We’ll be happy to send you a 4 pack for sampling

Other direct costs for unfranchisee
1. Pretzel freezer storage – $50 – $100 per month
2. Home garage or basement freezer – $100 – $1,000 each
3. Mobile Pretzel Shop insurance – $500 per year
4. Health Dept. license – $253 per year

Business costs averted
1. No Franchise costs
2. No Monthly Franchise fees
3. No Monthly lease (approx. $36,000 yr)
4. No costly build out
5. Trademark! We do it for YOU and we do it for US
6. Training. It’s so simple a baby could manage it. But training to you is part of our package. We’ll tell you in person or over the tele
the steps you need to get up quickly. Here’s one already, look at the customer with a smile and thank them each time.
“We like to say, … careful it’s hot, thanks, enjoy!”

We’re in business to put people to work, on their terms, for their profits.

Please direct your questions to Tim Hurst at or call 859.466.9220

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  • 2270 Edenderry Dr.
  • Ft. Mitchell
  • KY
  • USA