Fully Equipped 21′ International Step Van in Eugene, OR

Information :

Make - NA
Year - NA
Mileage - NA
Model - NA
Fuel Type - NA
Length - NA
Height - NA
Permits - NA

Equipment and Features:

Type of Mobile Food Unit

Asking Price - $50000.00
Year of Vehicle - 1970
Make of Vehicle - International
Model of Vehicle - Step Van 1500
Mileage of Vehicle - 100,000
Fuel Type - Gas
Length - 21
Height - by 10\'6
Permits - Lane County Class IV Food Truck
Cooking Equipment - Burner Stove, Slicer, Chargrill, Griddle
Storage - Fridge, Cabinets
Health & Sanitation - 3 Compartment Sink, Hand Wash Sink
Operations - Fire System, Exhaust Fans, Generator, Propane
Other - TV, POS System


First Name - Jorge
Phone - 5415439481
  • Description

Price: $50,000

Condition: Used

This unit is a Class IV food truck kitchen. This means that in the state of Oregon, it is licensed to cook and prepare almost anything. It was handbuilt on the frame of a 1970 International Metro Frame. It has the following dimensions and equipment included in the sale:

Dimensions and Equipment:
– 1970 International Step Van 1500
– 23 cubic foot refrigerator that is in excellent working condition, and is strapped securely into position along with a small service or prep refrigerator.
– Stainless steel floors with easy to clean aluminum walls
– A full on hood with variable speed control and fire suppression system
– The electrical hook-up was installed by a certified electrical contractor using a 30 Amp RV connector with adaptors that is run through a breaker box separating the refrigeration units from the hood and TV monitor and sales point systems.
– The two refrigerators and the hood system are the main draws on electricity, making the electric bill low.
– Equipped with an auxiliary RV electrical system to keep the refrigerators running when traveling long distances.
– The counters are made with heavy duty aluminum with storage space underneath along with a handy and secure storage space up above.
– The majority of the cooking equipment is fueled with Propane.
– The 20 gallon propane tank is horizontally positioned and mounted under the truck. It is easily accessed and refilled with a lockable side door.and is sufficient to last many days, depending on use. It has a magnetic level monitor mounted on the tank.
– There are six pieces of equipment that can be connected to the propane system and they all have individual shut off valves.
– 35 gallon Water tank
– Two basket fryer
– 3 foot flat top grill
– Two burner stove
– Charbroiler
– Rear connector that can feed a Master Range Commercial Smoker/Oven, you can hang a pig from it, and or a five foot flat top grill.
– When the back door is opened it can attract a great deal of attention.
– We are using Square point of sales system with an iPad and chip reading system. Customer printer, kitchen printer, and ticket rack built-in.
– We have a space for mounting and securing a TV monitor and a small Mac mini computer. Most customers do not realize that it is a TV screen. It makes changing the menu quite simple and cost free.

Also Included in the sale are the following:
– Large freezer and 2 door refrigerator
– Stainless steel racks and miscellaneous cookware
– Catering equipment
– Storage containers
– Commercial slicers
– Food processors
– Electric coffee maker and the like.

This is a real mobile kitchen. We have participated in large and small festivals. Catered dinner parties and weddings at festivals etc. We have an excellent reputation and the truck itself has proven to be quite flexible

Interested parties may call 5415439481 or email larana.jorge8@gmail.com for more information on the food truck.

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