1997 Pontoon Food Boat For Sale in Florida

Information :

Make - NA
Year - NA
Mileage - NA
Model - NA
Fuel Type - NA
Length - NA
Height - NA
Permits - NA

Equipment and Features:

Type of Mobile Food Unit

Asking Price - $7000.00
Year of Vehicle - 1997
Make of Vehicle - Johnson
Model of Vehicle - 115-2cycle
Mileage of Vehicle -
Fuel Type - Gas
Length - 25
Height - 9
Permits - MFDV
Cooking Equipment - Combo Range, Broiler
Storage - Freezer
Health & Sanitation - 3 Compartment Sink, Hand Wash Sink, Soap Dispenser
Operations - Generator, Propane
Other - NA


First Name - Christopher
Last Name - Bradley
Phone - 7189248065
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Newly licensed unique Self Sufficient MFDV – this is a 25 foot pontoon boat with trailer. It’s turnkey and can be used anywhere in Florida.

The vehicle is a 25 foot 1997 pontoon boat being sold with trailer. Powered by a 115 HP 2 cycle Johnson outboard motor with two fuel tanks 24 gallon capacity. Outboard runs solid and if you are at all mechanical is easy to maintain and work on. The trailer honestly will require a little attention if you will be using it daily to assure long term reliability but is fully capable of transporting the MFDV from boat ramp in Niceville. One unique aspect of this MFDV is the trailer. The only mobility requirement in MFDV regs is that you can move it at all times. With the trailer you can sell your food in the water or on land under the current license. Included with the pontoon are U.S. Coast Guard required life jackets, flares, emergency horn, fire extinguisher. This is a great boat for selling ice cream and other snacks on the water.

Equipped with –

4 bay sink with hot and cold running water and wares drying shelf. Supply of bleach and sanitizer test strips required for operation

Handwash Sink meeting regulation requirements of individual plumbing and partitioning to avoid cross contamination.

Hot water heater is a brand new propane powered tankless heater producing up to 2.1 gallons per minute. Has dedicated standard portable propane tank.

Water pump DC powered shur-flow. Equiped with two freshwater tanks 15.5 gallons each and the required waste water tank is 45 gallons (by regulation waste water tank must be 15% larger than freshwater capacity).

3 burner propane cook top/oven/broiler with dedicated propane tank. Additional 2 burner propane range included but not installed. Type K fire suppression required by regulation included. Oven with required thermometer assures proper hot food holding space.

3 ice chests included along with required thermometers assure 9 cubic feet of proper cold food refrigeration.

Brand new Ryobi 3500 running watt 4500 starting watt 4 cycle generator provides 8 hours of AC power on one tank of gas and powers sub 5.5 cubic foot Zero freezer included if you wish to maintain sales of Dipping Dot a huge seller and National Brand kids love and any AC equipment you desire to add.

50 watt solar panel charges 3 – 12 volt battery bank and with addition of inverter will power small kitchen equipment.

The pontoon is 8×25 with 12.5 feet being fully enclosed by aluminium walls and over 74 feet of tinted non breakable windows assure abundant lighting and non absorbent easy to clean surfaces as required by regulation. The other half of the boat is open. The drivers controls are located here and it offers a break area or room for expansion or a space for you or a vendor you rent to to sell t-shirts or whatever.

This unit is flexible and adaptable to any menu you dream up.

Buy this MFDV today and you can have a week of operations behind you before the 4th of July! The price is a bargain because I was cost conscious when having it built out, and since I absolutely cannot move it with me I’m pricing it at my out of pocket costs and not looking to recoup the value added by my labor in design and having the unit assembled. You’ll have a hard time finding just a pontoon boat at this price.

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  • 805 Bayshore Drive
  • Niceville
  • FL
  • United States