Chevy Food Truck with Built-In Honda Generator in Mitchell, NE

Information :

Make - NA
Year - NA
Mileage - NA
Model - NA
Fuel Type - NA
Length - NA
Height - NA
Permits - NA

Equipment and Features:

Type of Mobile Food Unit

Asking Price - $29000.00
Year of Vehicle - 2001
Make of Vehicle - Chevrolet
Model of Vehicle - Express 3500 Cutaway
Mileage of Vehicle - 71650
Fuel Type - Gas
Length - exterior: 23 ft (including propane bottle/rack, not including hitch rack) interior work space: 12 ft
Height - exterior: under 10 ft including stove hood vent interior: isle headroom 6 ft + 1/2 inch (flourecent light, stove hood and AC unit at far rear reduce this)
Permits -
Cooking Equipment - Combo Range
Storage - Fridge
Health & Sanitation - 3 Compartment Sink, Hand Wash Sink, Soap Dispenser
Operations - Exhaust Fans, Generator, Propane
Other - AC Unit


First Name - Danni
Last Name - Fogle
Phone - 3086317468
  • Description

Price: $29,000

Condition: Used

Truck is low mileage, runs well and has a Honda EV6010 generator built into the undercarriage.

The generator is relatively quiet, has an electric start inside the work area, and is powered by gasoline from the truck’s tank.

Concession window has 2 open-able screens.

Water system includes: 3 bay stainless sinks, hand washing sink, 10 gallon fresh water tank, 14 gallon grey water tank, 12V water pump, and a mini tank heater.

Propane stove has automatic lighting burners. Convection oven has top and bottom controls. Oven door can open fully, or the top rack only. 40 lb propane tank in rack at rear. 4 ft concession hood with 3 speed settings and light.

Nearly new Kenmore 14.5 cubic ft refrigerator with top freezer.

Stainless steamer: 30” x 19” x 14”

LED light fixtures on both sides of the aisle run on truck battery.
Fluorescent fixtures run on generator power.
Disco lights use generator power.
Sound system.

Air conditioner unit in the rear puts out a lot of cold air. It requires the truck to be running and the driver AC unit to be on.
13 inch commercial fan at rear.
Pop-up manual roof vent.
Openable window with screen at left rear.

Cabinetry at the left rear has large top drawers with slide out shelves below. Counter tops are not included.

Trailer hitch receiver and light plug-in. We have not towed with this truck, but it seems to have plenty of power for pulling a trailer.
Hitch rack for extra storage. 48” x 19”. Easily installed and removed.

4 standard 110 out boxes: 4 plug ins between the refrigerator and stove
2 plug ins: low rear under sinks, and at front and rear of work space area on concession window side

Rear door, 34” x 60”

New vinyl flooring and industrial baseboard

We’ve left the unit in a partially finished state to allow a buyer to customize as they wish. The truck is a nice moderate size that is relatively easy to drive and park, but large enough for a full kitchen or a variety of specialty businesses. Appliances and cabinetry were removed for re-flooring and have not been reinstalled. We would consider negotiating a lower price if interested in purchasing the truck without these items.

Counters and appliances were removed from the truck for re-flooring and have not been reinstalled. If you would like to purchase the truck without these items, we would consider negotiating a lower price.

Interested parties may call 3086317468 or email for more information on the food truck.

Important: Never pay send or wire payments to any individuals without viewing the unit in person first. No legitimate seller will ask you to make a down payment to “hold on” to a unit before purchasing it. If any seller listed on this website reaches out to you requesting a payment or wire transfer in advance of your seeing the vehicle, please email to report these individuals.

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