All American Hotdog Cart For Sale. Asking $2,500 in Tampa, Florida.

Information :

Make - NA
Year - NA
Mileage - NA
Model - NA
Fuel Type - NA
Length - NA
Height - NA
Permits - NA

Equipment and Features:

Type of Mobile Food Unit

Asking Price - $2500.00
Year of Vehicle - 2014
Make of Vehicle -
Model of Vehicle -
Mileage of Vehicle -
Fuel Type - Does Not Apply
Length -
Height -
Permits -
Cooking Equipment - Griddle
Storage - Cabinets, Cold Well Holding
Health & Sanitation - Hand Wash Sink
Operations - Propane
Other - NA


First Name - Lucian
Last Name - Stark
Phone - 8138207570
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This cart has a six tub steam table, a five gallon water reservoir with hand sink, storage compartments above and below. It is propane fueled and stainless steel from head to toe. Completely portable on an interstate compliant trailer. Two of the pictures are photos of how i set up the cart when i used it, obviously you can use your own creative freedom to utilize this cart in whatever way floats your boat! This cart is located near Tampa, Florida.

This cart comes with a traditional red and yellow canopy that will help keep you out of direct sun light when slinging hot dogs. This cart comes installed with a griddle so you can really get creative with how you serve hot dogs or other menu items. One popular spin that can be executed with this cart is bacon wrapped hot dogs. These are very popular items on hot dog carts in Southern California.

Overall, this is a great opportunity to start a new business on a low budget. It would not be unheard of to be able to recoup your entire investment within a month of operating.


Vending Opportunities

If you are wondering how you will generate sales with an All-American Hot Dog cart there are a lot of strategies you can use. First, you can offer your services at birthday parties or catering events in corporate offices. This is a great way to know what your costs and expenses are going into an event.

Other vending opportunities include forming partnerships with local businesses that don’t already offer food. We recommend reaching out to local small businesses for these sorts of partnerships as these individuals will be more open to this arrangement. Try to make these agreements a win-win for both parties if possible.

Many hot dog vendors have found success in partnering with non-profit, fundraising or charitable causes to help grow their business.

If you’re wondering about how much income you can expect with this business model, listen to this podcast interview on the topic. Finally, be sure you’ve researched the local laws and regulations for operating a hot dog cart in your area. Many cities will not allow you to vend on sidewalks or other public locations such as parks. Some  cities will require a small permit fee for the opportunity to sell food. Make sure you complete your due diligence on these before investing in any food cart.



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  • 1410 s Moody ave.
  • Tampa
  • FL
  • United States