22’ x 8’8″ BBQ Food Trailer for Sale in Michigan (SOLD)

Information :

Make - NA
Year - NA
Mileage - NA
Model - NA
Fuel Type - NA
Length - NA
Height - NA
Permits - NA

Equipment and Features:

Type of Mobile Food Unit

Asking Price - $0.00
Year of Vehicle -
Make of Vehicle - World Wide Trailer
Model of Vehicle - MK 222-8
Mileage of Vehicle - N/A
Fuel Type - Does Not Apply
Length - 22\'
Height - 12\'8
Permits -
Cooking Equipment - Burner Stove
Storage - NA
Health & Sanitation - 3 Compartment Sink, Hand Wash Sink, Soap Dispenser
Operations - Fire System, Exhaust Fans, Generator, Propane
Other - AC Unit


First Name - SOLD
Last Name -
Phone -
Email -
  • Description

This unit has been SOLD.


Condition: Used – Like New (Less than a year of operation)

BBQ FOOD TRAILER- 22′ long x 8’8″wide, 12’8″high and 7,700 pounds. The smoker is 90″ x 54″ which include an oven and a warmer. There are 2 outside halogen lights overlooking the smoker and 2 more overlooking the service side of the trailer.

It has a three well steam table as you walk into the trailer to the left. We kept our Pulled Pork and Pulled Chicken in the first two wells and homemade Mac & Cheese or Cheesy Potatoes in the third well. Next to the steam table, we have a 4 burner stove top with a two rack oven for heating up food and keeping it warm. After that, we have a deep fryer with two fry baskets for cooking french fries, we also experimented with mac & cheese egg rolls which were a big hit, we even tried jalapeño cheese poppers which my kids really enjoyed. Next to the fryer, we have a two door refrigerator with a worktop. We put a tray and heat lamp for our fries on it and stacked 2 Cambro’s on it for keeping our food hot. Next is an upright refrigerator which we used for beverages, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, milk, cheese, and Jack Fruit which is a vegan pork-like vegetable the vegetarians loved. We added our homemade BBQ sauce to it and made it into sandwiches, tacos, or wraps.

On the front wall, we have a 50 amp electrical panel, with a 20-foot power cord. On the right wall, there is a 3 compartment sink with a fitted cutting board that fits on top for more workspace. Next to that is the hand sink and soap dispenser along with a wall mounted “Ecco-Temp” Insta heat hot water heater. The service window comes after that which is where the magic happens. We take and deliver orders from there. During peak hours, we usually run orders out the back door and deliver from the back porch.

I should also mention that there are 6 duplex receptacles or plugs in the trailer, every piece of equipment and the plugs have their own circuit breaker. There is also a ceiling mounted air conditioner and heater.
Up front and outside are two 100 pound propane tanks to run the oven, fryer, steam table and water heater. There is also a Honda Quiet 7000 generator we used that is a bit low-pitched and it was much easier than finding a source of electricity and plugging in.

We used the trailer during the Summer of 2018 and had a ball doing it. It was great fun working for ourselves and our customers as well as other food truckers who were great.

The problem we ran into was that we didn’t have the working capital to get through our first winter months along with our personal expenses. We should have focused our attention on indoor catering during the fall and winter much earlier and we could have squeezed through the winter months. We feel it can be a very lucrative business, we’ve seen other truckers doing great, although it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build up contacts and accounts but it can be done if you work smarter than we did.

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