1993 Ford Step Van – 13’ Box Truck Fully Renovated for Clothing Retail Sales

Information :

Make - NA
Year - NA
Mileage - NA
Model - NA
Fuel Type - NA
Length - NA
Height - NA
Permits - NA

Equipment and Features:

Type of Mobile Food Unit

Asking Price - $10500.00
Year of Vehicle - 1993
Make of Vehicle - Ford
Model of Vehicle - E39/350
Mileage of Vehicle - 70000
Fuel Type - Gas
Length - 13\'
Height -
Permits -
Cooking Equipment - NA
Storage - NA
Health & Sanitation - NA
Operations - NA
Other - NA


First Name - Maxine
Last Name - Kozler
Phone - 9178566720
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Newly wrapped and gut renovated at a Fashion Truck with display racks, benches and dressing room. Perfect as a fashion/retailer mobile store – dressing room, bars/racks for hanging, benches, built in closet and safe to protect cash from daily sales. This vehicle is perfect for selling retail goods as it allows customers to enter at the rear of the truck and browse items just like you would a permanent retail location. The private dressing room allows customers to try-on merchandise before purchasing.

The current layout of the truck could be easily customized to meet your retail needs. The current layout will support any type of clothing business: scarfs, shirts, belts, shoes, and other common goods. But feel free to think outside the box and existing layout of this truck to sell any type of retail item from toys or impulse buy electronic products like cell phone cases. The existing box of the vehicle can be affordably and easily customized to meet your needs.

The video located below provides an excellent view of the interior of this retail truck. As you can see there is plenty of room for three people or more to operate the truck at a single time. If you require more space you could easily add signage and tables to the exterior of the vehicle to catch the attention of street traffic. This also adds the opportunity to carry and merchandise additional inventory outside of the retail truck at events.

Some venues where retail trucks have performed well include concerts where band t-shirts and swag can be sold to fans. Country concerts have done well to sell belt buckles, cowboy hats, and jeans. Motorcycle rallies can be profitable places to sell Harley Davidson shirts and leather jackets. But don’t overlook craft shows either if you have a certain type of hand-made good that you offer.


Watch This Video Below to Get a Better Sense of the Inside of the Streetwear Truck (the current name / branding of the vehicle). This mobile trailer specialized in selling t-shirts and hats.  This truck sold the Streetwear clothing line in the Sacramento area.

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