Cart & Kiosk Specialists Kiosk Builder Reviews

Manufacturer: Cart & Kiosk Specialists

Description: Cart and Kiosk Specialists is a retail, food, and beverage cart and kiosks manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. Unique is one way to describe the company as they combine design and functioning efficiency. They aim to create a kiosk which projects a superior design but keeps operating costs at a minimum to maximize profit.

Their twenty-six years of experience in the food and beverage industry ensures its clients of only its highest quality build. Cart & Kiosks Specialists ensures your requirements are met, whether you place your business in a mall, hospital, or even in universities. The company’s expert team of retail merchandisers can help you with branding concepts which create brand awareness.

Cart & Kiosk Specialists offers the following products:

  • Espresso carts
  • Coffee carts
  • Food and Beverage carts
  • Condiment carts
  • Display carts
  • Food and Beverage kiosks
  • Outdoor kiosks
  • Mall kiosks
  • Rental carts
  • Refurbished used espresso carts
  • Espresso machines
  • Espresso grinders

Past Customers:

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels: Cart & Kiosks made a unique stand-alone outdoor food kiosk for this company. A low counter eases transaction between the customer and the server. Branding is also visible with the big and clear logo of the company mounted at the top of the food kiosk.

TULLY’S: Cart & Kiosks made attractive food kiosks for this company. Some products were presented at the front in line with the company’s logo which makes it very visible to its customers.


20021 80th Ave South, #C-5
Kent, WA 98032

Phone: (253) 231-3973



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