Food Truck Academy


Eight Week Live Training Class And One-on-One Consulting
From Current Food Truck Owners

Limited Pilot Course Enrollment: 
25 Entreprenuers that Want to Earn More and Grow a Food Truck Business. 

  • Everything you need to start and operate a profitable food truck business is included in this 8 week course.  From pricing food items to building a food truck to one-on-one help, this training has it all. 
  • Unlike most training courses where you watch some videos and are sent on your way, Food Truck Academy gives you direct access to food truck owners to ask questions and one-on-one help so you won't get stuck.  
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create an long term food truck business you can use to dominate, grow and expand within your local market. We help keep you on track, completing one task at a time so you're not overwhelmed. 
  • Get direct coaching from industry expert in the field taught to you by food truck veteran, Anthony Salvagno of S'wich It Up Food Truck and Brett Lindenberg, Founder of

This is much more than a food truck e-book. This is a full-blown live class that includes one-on-one consulting at no extra charge. The coaches will get to know you on a first name basis and work with you directly so you'll be armed with all the information you need. Due to the in-depth material this class is limited to only 25 students.  Sign up now!


Learn What Other Food Trucks In Your Area,
Don't Want You to Find Out. 


About Food Truck Academy Pilot Course

In this video, Founder of Brett Lindenberg shares more information about what you'll learn by enrolling this class.  If you're serious about starting a food truck business you need to watch this presentation. Email [email protected] with questions about this course.

First Live Class will start on Tuesday, February 9th at 6:30 P.M. Central Standard Time (CST).  Here's What You'll Master in Food Truck Academy Classroom: 

  • Week 1: Start Me Up - Welcome to Food Truck Academy! In this class we will dive straight into developing a profitable menu and pricing for your business to ensure success.  There will also be a QA session conducted at the end of this class. 
  • Week 2: The Plan -  We'll work together to develop the overall business plan for your food truck. You will have a workable business plan before the conclusion of this class. 
  • Week 3: Market Analysis / Funding - Understand the different funding options available. Our course leader Anthony Salvagno will share the process he used to secure a special type of loan and leveraged crowdfunding to get their first food truck. You can easily recoup the investment in this class by learning and implementing these strategies. We will also cover the marketing analysis section of the business plan at this time. 
  • Week 4: Food Truck Laws and Builds - Food truck rules and regulations are some of the most common challenges entrepreneurs encounter when starting a business. Instruction for finding out the rules of the road in your area are provided this week. You'll also learn how to find a reputable manufacturer for your food truck and the exact questions you should be asking to prequalify a food truck builder. 
  • Week 5:  Earn More Money - Discover the main income channels for food truck owners and how to make sure you have exposure to each of them.  How to find locations to park, book catering and corporate events, and outside the box revenue streams are covered in this essential session.
  • Week 6: Academy Member Hot Seat -  Meet and learn from your peer's in Food Truck Academy. We will be doing a round robin of short lessons from your class mates this week so you can network with others and learn. 
  • Week 7 & 8: One-on-One Consulting - These weeks are booked for private consulting sessions you'll have with Anthony Salvagno to review your business plan and offer feedback. Anthony is also available to answer literally any question you may have at this time. 
  • Bonus Week 9 & 10: Crowdfunding Course Kicks Off -  One of the most common challenges with starting a food truck is raising enough money to buy a vehicle.  As a result, we're adding a full-blown live course on raising money through crowdfunding on websites like or Before Anthony Salvagno started his business, he raised over $5,000 for his truck and share's his complete process. By putting into action the course taught in this single module, you will be able to more than cover the investment in this program.    


To Ensure You've Got Everything You Need to Launch Your Business...
You'll Also Recieve The Following: 

FUTURE ACCESS TO CONTENT - All class recordings, course outlines, and other information will be available 24/7 after the class concludes so you can refer to the information in the future.

FOOD TRUCK MASTERMIND - You will recieve lifetime access to  the Food Truck MasterMind Private Facebook page. Get questions answered from other food truck owners in the community and build relationships with other local food vendors. Only current and past Food Truck Academy students have access to this private community. This is viewed by many students as one of the most valuable parts of Food Truck Academy.

ON-GOING WEBINARS AND LIVE TRAININGS - The support and community does not end after 8 weeks.  Based on current Food Truck Academy member  feedback, we will be hosting regular live interactive discussions and bringing in experts on a regular basis through the Food Truck MasterMind group. This is also an opportunity for experts within the Food Truck Academy to share what they've learned.

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR FOOD TRUCKS - Owner of Brett Lindenberg will share how you can use social media to generate more business and get more press in your area. You'll also learn the social media websites to not waste your time on.


Anthony Salvagno, Owner of S'wich It Up Food Truck 

Anthony Salvagno started S'wich It Up Food Truck based in Albuquerque. NM, over 3 years ago.  Anthony raised money for his truck through a combination of crowdfunding and a business loan.  Anthony is the lead instructor in Food Truck Academy and committed to helping other food truck owners get started. Click play on the video below to learn more about Anthony and his experience operating a food truck business.

Hear what Food Truck Academy is like from past Food Truck Academy Members by Clicking the Play Button Below :

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Join An Exclusive Class of
Food Truck Entrepreneurs

The  pilot course of Food Truck Academy pilot course is limited to just 50 students. We decided to strictly limit the number of students so that there would be plently of one-on-one consulting time for each student that joins. This course is only being offered one-time at this price... A one-time charge of $247 for a 2+ month course with direct consulting and lifetime access to the Food Truck MasterMind. 

Get started right now below and we will be in contact with you will recieve instant access to the membership area. Looking forward to working with and getting to know some of you in the next few weeks!